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Safe, Positive, Appropriate, Responsible, and Kind usage of technology is expected of all Fireside students.


  • Keep personal data safe.  Students shall not reveal personally identifiable data (address, age, etc.) unless authorized to do so by designated school authorities
  • Keep passwords secret.  Students shall not reveal personal logins/passwords, allow others to work using their login/passwords, or attempt to discover the logins/passwords of others


  • Make positive choices when using technology. Students shall not purposely submit, publish, display, or retrieve any hateful, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, threatening, sexually oriented, racially offensive, religiously offensive, or illegal material


  • Follow teacher directions and assignment guidelines
  • Computers, telecommunications and network resources are to be used for education purposes only
  • Students shall not attempt to harm hardware, software, or data, nor interfere with the security of any computer, telecommunication or network resource
  • Be polite and use “netiquette” in online interactions
  • Follow all copyright and trademark laws and regulations


  • Maintain your accounts
  • Know your password
  • Take care of your device and keep it updated
  • Keep your device charged
  • Be self disciplined and stay on task as you use your device


  • Share when working with others
  • Help when needed
  • Students shall not use the network in any way would disrupt the use of the network by others